1. -Electromagnet for retiring cam for leaf landing doors Fiam, Schindler

  2. -Electromagnet for gear FIAM                                                   

  3. -Emergency keys for  leaf landing doors  and for sliding automatic landing doors  Fiam, Schindler                                                        

  4. -Emergency power supply device                                                 

  5. -Electronic acoustic warning signal for opening doors 

  1. -Floor reverse switch and limit switch Otis, Fiam, Savoy, Sicem, Forsid,DMG

  2. -Frames in aluminum for leaf landing doors                                        

  3. -Flat cable                                        

  4. -Fixing cables   

  1. -Hinges and spare parts for cabin with small leaf for cabin doors TF, Vicini, Bassetti, Fiam, Bassetti, Schindler                                   

  2. -Handles for leaf landing doors  Schindler, Bassetti                             

  3. -Induction plates   




H - I

J - K

  1. -Lever open breake gear FIAM

  2. -Lining for brake shoe asbestos free

  3. -Lamps Schindler, Otis sabiem falconi Savof Bassetti, IGV Forsid Ceam                                                           

  4. -Liftshaft scaffolding

  1. -Spare parts for control panels for lift (contactor relè timer) Savof, Sabiem, Bassetti, Fiam, Schindler

  2. -Spare parts for door operator and landind door Schindler, Fiam, Sabiem, Otis, Forsid-Monitor, Bassetti

  3. -Switching cam for floor reverse switch Bassetti

  4. -Slip contact with coil for hydraulic leveling (trolley)

  5. -Springs for leaf landing door TF, Vicini, Tesio, Fiam, Falconi, Bassetti, Savof, Schindler

  6. -Springs for small leaf cabin door Fiam Bassetti

  7. -Springs for landing sliding door Fiam, Schindler

  8. -Spring for door operator Fiam, Schindler, Bassetti, Sabiem

  9. -Springs for retractile cam Bassetti, Fiam

  10. -Springs for electromagnet Bassetti, Fiam

  11. -Springs for overspeed governor Schindler, Fiam

  12. -Springs for old selector Schinlder

  13. -Springs for semiautomatic door lock HE2 Schindler

  14. -Springs for hydraulic valve FIAM

  15. -Springs guide shoes FIAM BL/BLP

  16. -Springs for contactor FIAM NF41

  17. -Spring for rope attachment rod

  18. -Spring tube for concealed in the leaf landing door Piccolo    

  19. -Support for operator Fiam

  20. -Spare parts for electromagnet FIAM

  21. -Sprag for pit lift (movable buffer)

  22. -Steel guard (plate to avoid falls at users)

  23. -Support for guide shoes

  24. -Safety gear

  25. -Slide shoe for rope counter weight (guide shoes ropes Fiam, Sabiem, Otis, Schindler, Falconi, Forsid, Bassetti

  26. -Slide shoe for counter weight (guide shoes c/weight) Schindler, Safov, Sabiem Fiam, Delta

  27. -Selectors SIL electric

  28. -Selectors spare parts Schindler, Otis, Schlieren, Schindler

  29. -Stop rubber pads for door operator landing door Akron, Uce, Sabiem, Fiam, Otis

  30. -Silent block Fiam

  31. -Siren


N - O

P - Q




V - W



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